Car dealership rewards school for attendance efforts

Terry Cullen Chevrolet, in Jonesboro, presented a check for $3,250 to Jonesboro High School, on Friday –– during a school pep rally –– for participating in the “Chevy Drive For Perfection” program last year.

Terry Cullen –– owner of the Jonesboro business, and several other metro-area Chevy dealerships –– is encouraging seniors, who attend Jonesboro and Mt. Zion high schools, to strive for perfection this year. Perfect attendance, that is.

The program, he said, was developed to encourage seniors to make sure they’re in school every day. Cullen knows that being present is a major part of learning and succeeding.

Stephanie Johnson, principal at Jonesboro High School, said the money will be used to help push Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) initiatives, such as the school’s upcoming AYP celebration, she said.

Cullen said the perfect-attendance drive kicked off last year as a pilot program, and was part of Chevy’s effort to reconnect with customers. Last month, he added, his dealership presented a check for the same amount to Mt. Zion High School, for its participation in the program.

“Staff members from the school were ecstatic to receive the check,” he said, “And I was happy to give it to them.”

Cullen said funds accumulated to support the program are based on the number of test drives given to customers, on behalf of the schools. He said, for every person who comes into his dealership to test drive a car, $50 is donated to one of the schools. The next test-drive period will be from March 4, 2012, through April 4, 2012.