Sagging-pants debate moves to Stockbridge

The City of Stockbridge is mulling a measure similar to those adopted in other Southern Crescent cities, which would prohibit individuals from being seen in public with sagging pants.

Other nearby municipalities which have enacted similar measures include Hampton and Jonesboro.

The Stockbridge City Council discussed the matter at a recent work session.

“I have read about numerous municipalities adopting provisions in their city codes, dealing with sagging pants,” said Stockbridge City Administrator Ray Gibson. “It was brought to my attention by a few council members that we should move towards similar regulations.”

He said City Attorney Andy Welch recently presented an amendment to the Stockbridge City Code, which deals with disorderly conduct.

The city council, he said, is scheduled to vote on the code amendment at its next meeting on Sept. 8.

“The amendment will add Section 11.04.010(F), which states that individuals are not to appear in a public place or in view of the public wearing outer clothing garments such as pants, shorts, or a skirt more than three inches below the hips, the effect of which exposes the skin, undergarments, or underwear,” added Gibson. “The Council agreed that a code amendment would be a good idea, and the City Attorney made it clear to the council that he is not sure at this time if the code may violate one’s freedom of expression.”