Stockbridge Elementary rallies students, promotes education

Inspiring students to learn is a process that sometimes requires creativity, and activity. At one school, educators chose to get students focused on winning by engaging them in a school-wide pep rally.

Stockbridge Elementary School recently hosted a pep rally to encourage good conduct and scholarship, for the 2011-12 school year.

James Young, the school's counselor, kicked off the pep rally by having students recite, "I can be the best, because I am the best." The phrase is the school's theme for the 2011-12 school year.

"Stockbridge Elementary School has created an environment where each and every child believes they can reach their goals, as long as they believe in themselves, because they are the best students," added Young. "As long as they believe it, and try, they are the best."

Henry County Police Officer Robert Hohenstein also spoke to the student body about the importance of having good behavior, and led the students in a behavior cheer.

"Listen to your parents and teachers and you will always be successful," Hohenstein told the pupils.

The school's Title I coaches and teachers completed a behavior skit for the students, demonstrating how to behave properly when placed in certain situations at school.

"It is important to demonstrate to students the right things to do in certain situations," said Title I Coach Christina Freeman. "We have some great students and the behavior skit was a way that we could model good behavior in various situations."

The pep rally ended with third-grader Matthew Saint Felix pledging to his classmates that "I will be my best this school year, because I believe in myself, and I believe in each and every one of you."

-- Johnny Jackson