$1.5 million GDOT project to impact Clayton, Fayette

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) recently approved more than $102 million for 25 new transportation infrastructure improvement and maintenance projects across Georgia, said spokesman David Spear.

“These projects are spread across our state and each one makes an important improvement to the capacity, safety or general condition of our highway system,” added former GDOT Commissioner Vance Smith, Jr. He said these projects will also place millions of dollars in Georgia’s economy and provide jobs.

GDOT spokesman Mark McKinnon said the list includes a $1.5 million project in Clayton and Fayette counties. It will involve 6.3 miles of milling, inlay and plant mix resurfacing on State Road 314. The project will start at State Road 279 and finish at State Road 139/Riverdale Road and will affect both counties equally, he said.

He said the project was awarded to the lowest bidder, C.W. Matthews Contracting Co. Inc.

Though the completion date of the project is July 31, 2012, the contractor may finish it by the end of October or start in April 2012. “What we call ‘paving season’ is from April to October,” he said.

Paving roads is difficult in cold months, said McKinnon.

“Asphalt has to be put down at about 125 degrees...cold weather will cool it too much and make it crumble,” he explained.

GDOT evaluates roadways annually, he said. If rutting and cracking are identified on a roadway, it’s a sign it needs to be resurfaced. A road that is not resurfaced when needed can wear out and become a danger to motorists, said McKinnon.

He said State Road 314 experiences heavy traffic from day to day.