Drug task force raids Stockbridge ‘pill mill’

Jonesboro doctor sought by police

The Flint Circuit Drug Task Force, along with agents from the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), raided what they described as a “pill mill” operating in Henry County.

Undercover agents said they posed as patients needing pain pills, and got them without prescriptions, from the Stockbridge Pain Clinic, over the course of a three-month investigation, according to Maj. Chad Rosborough, of the task force.

Wednesday, around 2 p.m., several agents descended on the Stockbridge Pain Clinic, located at 130 Eagle Spring Court.

“We received information, about three months ago, the doctor’s office was running a pill mill,” said Rosborough. A pill mill is a place were you can go in and purchase pain pill prescriptions without having a medical reason for the pills, he explained.

“During our three-month investigation, we recovered between 800 and 1,000 pills,” said the major. The prescriptions were “mainly” for oxycodone and xanax, he continued.

The amount of pills would vary per prescription. Patients would also receive a varied mount of prescriptions, said Rosborough.

“Some patients would get three prescriptions, another would get one or two,” he added. “[There were] allegations where Dr. Mike Tan was prescribing pain pills to people who did not need them,” said Rosborough. “Dr. Tan was charging $350 for the first visit, and $250 for every visit afterwards.”

Dr. Tan, who is an employee of the clinic, was not at the clinic during the raid by the task force. The drug task force arrested Rana Mabros, owner of the Stockbridge Pain Clinic, Michael Whitehead, the manager, and Catherine Chettiar, a medical assistant, Rosborough said.

“They are charged with prescribing controlled substances for illegitimate purposes,” he said. “They are also charged with conspiracy to prescribe a controlled substance.” All three face the same charges, he added.

The drug task also executed a search warrant at Dr. Tan’s residence in Jonesboro. The search warrant was for patient’s records at the clinic, and his home, said Rosborough.

Employees at the clinic told the agents Dr. Tan was out of state at the time of the execution of the search warrant, “but agents of the task force will be pursuing an arrest warrant for the doctor,” said the drug task force major.

The Stockbrige Pain Clinic had been operating for approximately a-year-and-a-half, according to the major. “Once we arrest Dr. Tan, that will conclude this investigation,” said Rosborough.