Grand jury witness held in contempt

A former Clayton County sheriff's employee is being held in contempt of Superior Court for refusing to testify before a special grand jury.

Naomi Simone Nash, 35, of Tallahassee, was jailed Friday after refusing to answer questions, likely about her former job. But Nash told Superior Court Judge Matthew Simmons during a hearing Wednesday afternoon there was a miscommunication.

"I want to testify as soon as possible," said Nash. "I never said I would wait, that's misinformation."

Chief Assistant District Attorney Erman Tanjuatco said a defense attorney told officials he represented Nash and she was not available for an interview. Nash said that information is wrong, and she is eager to tell prosecutors what she knows.

The interview was to have taken place Wednesday afternoon, but Nash and prosecutors are scheduled to be back in Simmons' courtroom today at 8:30 a.m. Officials will then determine if Nash has information that should be presented to the special grand jury, possibly as soon as Friday.

Nash worked for former sheriff, Victor Hill, who spent one term in office during 2005-2008. Hill's election documents show that he paid Nash $15,000, and listed her as his campaign manager.

Although there is widespread speculation that Hill is a target of the special grand jury, Clayton District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson will not discuss the proceedings. Tanjuantco would not discuss Nash at all on Wednesday.

In May, grand jurors indicted Hill's former spokesman, Jonathan Newton, on forgery, lying and theft charges.

Nash told Simmons she is eager to be released, and asked about being put on house arrest, instead of in a jail cell. Nash also said she has health issues.

"This has created a hardship for me." she said. "There is the idea of going to jail in theory, and now it's reality. I used to work for the Clayton County Sheriff's Office, so I am in what they call admin lock up. I only get out one hour a day. I don't have a criminal record, and I'm a homeowner. Couldn't I be released into someone's custody, go under house arrest, wear an ankle monitor?"

But Simmons told her Wednesday to have patience.

"Talk to the state this afternoon, they will report to me in the morning," he said. "We'll do something to end this situation you are in. We'll try to work this thing out."


RetiredLEO 3 years, 7 months ago

Miscommunication? Not likely! Isn't it amazing how a night in jail can change an attitude? Oh yeah. House arrest? Ankle monitor? NO, this ain't California sweetheart. Bottom line is grow up, act like an adult, and tell the truth.


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