Morrow Issues Model Call For Fashionatta Fundraiser

The City of Morrow is looking for more than a dozen women who want to channel their inner Giseles, Heidi Klums and Tyra Banks, during the city's annual Fashionatta fashion show next month.

The Morrow Business & Tourism Association is set to hold its second annual fashion fund-raiser next month, to support the non-profit Clayton County Family Care group, an organization that provides homeless-prevention assistance to county residents, said Mike Twomey, the president of the Morrow Business & Tourism Association.

"It's a true runway fashion show," he said. "We build a 45-foot runway that extends from the stage into the audience. It's very similar to the fashion shows in New York, where everyone sits alongside the runway, facing the runway. It's an exciting show."

Before the show takes off, and any new fashions can be shown, however, models have to be found. To that end, Morrow's tourism association is set to hold an open model call on Saturday, from 10 a.m., to 1 p.m., at the Morrow Center, located at 1180 Southlake Circle, Suite 100, in Morrow.

The model call is open to any woman who is over the age of 18, and wants to do their little turn on the catwalk, regardless of body size or shape, Twomey said.

"We need about 15 models," he said. "We already have 20 high-profile [women] from the community [who] have agreed to be models for the fashion show, and we just wanted to draw several more female models from the community."

Twomey did not say whether the Right Said Fred song, "I'm Too Sexy," would be playing during the model call, however.

The business and tourism association president said the list of women who have already signed on to model at the show includes: Clayton County Commissioner Sonna Singleton; Clayton County Superior Court Judge Geronda Carter; Morrow City Councilmember Jeanell Bridges; Jonesboro City Councilmember Pat Sebo, and Clayton County Chamber of Commerce President Yulonda Beauford.

Twomey said potential models, who attend the model call, are only asked to bring with them whatever shoes they would wear if chosen to be in Fashionatta. "We would like to see how they look, and walk, in the shoes they plan to wear during the fashion show," he said. He added that headshot photographs are not necessary to participate in the model call.

Models, who participate in Fashionatta, will not be paid for their involvement, Twomey said.

The Macy's store at Southlake Mall, which is set to be Fashionatta's clothing sponsor, will provide the clothes to be worn by models on the runway at the event, according to Twomey. He added that food and drinks will be provided by additional sponsors, including Anne and Bill's restaurant in Forest Park and corporate officials from Waffle House and Starbucks.

Fashionatta is scheduled to be held Oct. 16, at the Morrow Center.