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Korean Festival celebrates family, unity

Seniors throughout the community recently gathered to celebrate family, unity and the Korean culture.

Loving Heart Corporation, a non-profit, hosted its fourth annual "Korean Harvest Festival" Friday at the J. Charley Griswell Senior Center in Jonesboro. The festival is an annual celebration in Korean culture and is very similar to America's Thanksgiving holiday, said Lee Shreve, president of Loving Heart. "We just want to show our Korean culture to Americans," she said.

The festivities had guest speakers including President Jonggook Eun of the Korean American Association of Greater Atlanta and Chairman Eldrin Bell of the Clayton County Board of Commissioners. Participating seniors enjoyed various highlights such as Korean food and performances.

Delores Talmadge, 74, said it is her second year enjoying the exuberant festivities. "I enjoyed the various dances and performances," she said of her experience last year. "It was just a very lively festival."

Loving Heart is a non-profit corporation in Morrow, created to assist the community through charity work and volunteerism.

For more information call the non-profit at (770) 585-8888, or visit