Gas South’s ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ aids customers

Assistance program reaches 3rd anniversary

As the economy continues to struggle, the recession has left many consumers with financial uncertainty and a renewed commitment to savings and value. This trend is evident in the continued growth of Gas South’s Pay-As-You-Go Program.

The program, entering its third year, has helped provide credit-challenged residents, with natural gas service, an alternative means of paying their monthly bill. More than 11,000 Georgians currently receive natural gas service through the program, according to Gas South officials.

“We are very pleased to be able to provide natural gas service to many customers that other natural gas providers might require to pay huge deposits, or refuse to provide service to at all,” said Kevin Greiner, president and CEO of Gas South. “The Pay-As-You-Go Program has proven to be a very important option for people who are credit-challenged or facing financial difficulties, because there is no prepayment required, and our rates are very affordable.”

The state’s regulated provider is required to provide natural gas service to anyone regardless of credit history or ability to pay, according to Mamie Cargile, for Gas South. The provider can require large deposits for customers with poor credit histories, and customers can be affected by rate volatility.

Cargile pointed to Griffin resident, Annie Chatmon, as a beneficiary of the program.

“It helps me a lot, and my gas is not that high,” said Chatmon.

Chatmon said she joined the Pay-As-You-Go Program about three years ago to keep her rates down, because, as a disabled woman, she lives on a fixed income.

Cargile said customers who qualify for the Pay-As-You-Go Program are not required to pay a deposit or other prepayment in order to begin receiving natural gas service through Gas South, and they receive the benefit of more stable rates.

Customers, who establish a good payment record with Pay-As-You-Go for 12 consecutive months, become eligible to switch to one of Gas South’s standard rate plans, added Cargile, noting that more than 6,200 Pay-As-You-Go customers have been able to transition to Gas South’s standard rate plans.

To learn more, visit the Gas South web site at www.gas-south.com/payasyougo.