Drew At The Dome? Why Not?

At some point, the winning streak has to end. Eventually, Sandy Creek has to fall.

And if Sandy Creek has to fall, losing in the Georgia Dome is where you might figure it to happen.

In December, when the championship game is held? Yes.

But . . . why not September, too? Why not, to pick a day hardly out of complete randomness, this Saturday?

Why not at the hands of the team that has already proven fearless road warriors at Cairo, playing within one point of the vaunted Syrupmakers and daring to go for the win in regulation rather than give them a chance?

Why not . . . Drew?

The last time these teams met, Sandy Creek won 48-6, you may say. Part of a 31-game winning streak, your stats may compute. Sandy Creek is other-levelish, you may contend. And well it may be.

But when the Titans went to Cairo, they went there as the team that lost 40-0 the year before. Didn't seem to faze this year's bunch a bit. And the higher a win streak gets, the more inevitable its end becomes. Sometimes you don't find out that another team might be just as other-levelish — at least for 48 minutes on a neutral, professional-level field — until they pop a Patriot in the mouth.

Only one team has come within a field goal of Sandy Creek for more than two years. The Patriots aren't accustomed to anybody looking them in the eye without blinking.

Let's get all mavericky here and make it official: Drew to pull the upset.

Creekside and Mount Zion will be at the Dome, too. Mount Zion beat the Seminoles on the field, only to lose the game in the record books as part of five the Bulldogs were forced to forfeit. The Seminoles, who seem to be in precipitous decline over the last couple of weeks, have done nothing of late to indicate they will beat the Bulldogs without a GHSA forfeit order in hand.