Police charge dad with kidnapping four kids

Forest Park police have filed kidnapping charges against a man apparently on the run with his four children since late Monday night.

Maj. Chris Matson said officers continue to follow leads from the Levi's Call issued Tuesday afternoon for Francisco Madrigal, 34, and his children, ages 6-12.

"We're checking lead after lead," said Matson. "We're getting them from all over the country."

Madrigal has been charged with four counts each of kidnapping and interference with custody. According to the criminal arrest warrants, Madrigal is listed as father on the children's birth certificates, but he never married their mother, Miriam Rivera, or legitimized their births. Rivera has sole legal custody of the four, the warrants state.

The warrants allege that an 11-year-old boy saw Madrigal walking away with the children about 8:15 p.m., Monday, but he told the boy to not tell anyone. Madrigal allegedly called his brother later to tell him he had all four kids in an unknown location.

Matson said the Levi's Call will remain in effect for a while. "Until we get something to substantiate the leads, we will keep looking," he said. "We may call off the Levi's Call once our efforts have been exhausted, but that doesn't mean they are not still at risk."

The children are identified as Jose Javier Madrigal, 12; Francisco Benjamin Madrigal, 10; Michael Madrigal, 9, and Geneicey Madrigal, 6. They may be traveling in a brown Chevrolet Tahoe with Georgia or Indiana license plates, said police. Anyone with information on their whereabouts, should call (404) 608-2366.

Madrigal is on five years intensive probation after he pleaded guilty in December to cruelty to children in the first degree and disorderly conduct. Madrigal threw a brick through his sister''s glass front door Aug. 8, 2008, shattering it, according to Clayton County Superior Court records. Her two children, 2 and 1, walked through the glass, cutting their feet.

Judge Albert Collier also ordered Madrigal to complete an anger management class. The transcript from the plea hearing shows prosecutors also asked that Madrigal be ordered to stay away from his sister and her family. However, his sister told Collier that the provision was not needed.

Court documents show that Madrigal has a prior record of carrying a handgun without a license, possession of a controlled substance, and driving under the influence.