Riverdale police take action in hair thefts


In the aftermath of another smash and grab at a beauty supply store, Riverdale police are taking proactive measures to prevent the thefts of expensive bundles of human hair.

Beauty Master, in a shopping center on Ga. 138 near Ga. 85, was targeted early Thursday morning, said Chief Samuel Patterson. Thieves threw a brick through the store's glass windows, went inside and walked out with hair, the latest high-priced commodity.

";It's almost like having gold,"; he said.

Similar burglaries are being reported all over metro Atlanta. So far, no one in Clayton County has been hurt or killed in the thefts that typically net thousands of dollars in hair. One bundle can fetch about $200 and stylists use several bundles for each customer.

";Has it gotten so expensive that it is worth someone's life?"; said Patterson Thursday. ";I hope not. That's our greater concern.";

Riverdale police are working on a flyer to distribute to all local beauty supply stores to help owners avoid becoming the latest victim.

";We want them to take appropriate security measures to reduce their vulnerability to these burglaries,"; he said. ";Part of what we are advising is that they display the hair in a container with some level of security, like plexiglass or some other bullet-resistant materials. Something see-through but is hard to access.";

-- Kathy Jefcoats