Humane Society accepting yard-sale items

People say one man's trash is another man's treasure, but could old, used items also be treasures for man's best friend?

Officials with the Clayton County Humane Society hope so.

The local humane society is now accepting donations for its upcoming Treasures for Paws Sale, which is scheduled to take place Oct. 1, from 8 a.m., to 4 p.m., at Jonesboro High School, located at 7728 Mt. Zion Boulevard, in Jonesboro. The society announced the date for the yard sale this week.

Maria Dorough, the humane society's director of development and community outreach, said proceeds from the sale will go to help improve the comfort level for dogs at the society's shelter.

"The proceeds from the sale will go toward renovation and air conditioning the dog kennel area at the shelter," she said, in an e-mailed statement.

The number of items being donated for the sale, by individuals in the community, has begun to pick up in recent days, but staff at the no-kill animal shelter will continue accepting donations until the sale, said Clayton County Humane Society Vice-President Robin Rawls. She added that the society has been holding the yard sale for 12 years.

In years past, the yard sale has raised as much as $12,000 to help cover the expenses of running the shelter, according to Rawls, and the humane society's aim is to raise higher amounts of money at each successive sale.

Rawls said coming off a summer where temperatures spent much of the time over 90 degrees, there is a need to install air conditioning units in the areas where dogs are kept until they are adopted. The shelter, on average houses up to 35 dogs waiting to be adopted, she added. The shelter has approximately 12 kennels for large dogs and 12 cages for small dogs, she said.

"This [has] been a very hot summer," Rawls said. "It's been brutal, but they [the dogs] have little [kid-sized] swimming pools in their kennels that they can get into to stay cool ... We tried to do everything we could to keep them comfortable."

The dog kennel area is the one area of the shelter that does not have air conditioning, and shelter staff have tried different approaches, in addition to putting in swimming pools, to keep the dogs cool this summer, Rawls said. She explained some of those approaches included taking in fewer smaller dogs, so fans could be put in some of the lower-level cages to blow air up through vents into the higher-level cages.

"We have air conditioning in our office space and in our cat area, but our dog area does not have that available," Rawls said. "So, we run big industrial fans in the dog area to try and keep our dogs cool. It's very uncomfortable for them."

Rawls said anyone who would like to donate items to be sold at the Treasures for Paws Sale may call Durough at (404)630-8515. She added that appointments have to be set up to bring items to the donation drop-off site.