Two arrested for having guns at airport

A retired, decorated war hero, once held by Soviet Union forces as a mercenary, was arrested Thursday morning for bringing a weapon through security at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Clayton County Jail records show that Richard Ronald Fusakio, 65, of Tennessee, is being held pending his first appearance this morning. His is the latest in a recent string of arrests on weapons charges as transportation officials continue to tighten security at the nation's airports.

Also arrested Thursday on the same charge was Atlanta attorney, Oscar Eugene Prioleau, Jr., 47, of Fairburn. Georgia Bar Association records show that Prioleau earned his law degree at Georgetown University and specializes in labor and employment law in downtown Atlanta.

Details surrounding the men's arrests were not immediately known Thursday.

Online records show that Fusakio achieved the rank of chief warrant officer two in the U.S. Army. He deployed to Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War and flew various aircraft, including a Huey. Fusakio retired from active duty in 1970, but remained in the Army Reserves until 1973.

In February 1976, Fusakio and another pilot were seized as mercenaries by the Soviet Union-backed Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola.

The two men said they got blown off course during a routine ferry flight to Southwest Africa. They were delivering an $800,000, twin-engine, turbo-prop plane for a private Florida aviation company when they made a forced landing in a then-embattled Angola.

They were released after two weeks when they convinced their captors they were not mercenaries.

After his military retirement, Fusakio flew for U.S. Airways as a Boeing 767 captain until September 2005.