What Would The World Be Like Without God? - Jim Bell

Have you ever thought about our world without God?

Let me say from the beginning of this article I haven't thought about this subject very much myself, but a few things have come to mind. Without God, we would have no Bible! There would be no teaching of how the world came into being or how human beings came to life.

There would be no Ten Commandments to guide our thinking and behavior, no morals or ethics to guide our relations with our fellow man. Nations would have not had the great benefit of building the foundations of government and the establishment of law from the wisdom of God.

We would not have any hope of an afterlife with God in Heaven, no thoughts of what Paradise would be like. Man would be selfish and evil and ready to kill and enslave his fellow man to get what he wanted. (This is beginning to sound familiar!)

Without God and His grace and standards, we would only have animal instincts and would treat others, not like we would want to be treated, but to do anything to anybody to get our way.

We would have no family or marriage or respect for others, for we wouldn't have God's Word to teach us and guide us through life. We would not know the great comfort of love and being loved! To my mind, this world would be an awful place to live, full of hate and fear, if we did not have our great and mighty God to love us and teach us how to live.

Now let's be more realistic! Without God, there would be no world! No universe with beautiful sky and sun and clouds in the day, and no moon or stars at night! God did create the universe in all its vast array of beauty and precision. He especially created the earth as an environment to sustain life, our life and all life!

I like to think of our God as creating the whole world as one huge Garden of Eden! He created oxygen for us to breathe and water for us to drink, and to enjoy food of all kinds; trees with delicious fruit, plants to nourish and strengthen our bodies, the cattle on a thousand hills for our meat, and a delicate climate to support our life!

How great is our God! Halleluiah!

Would you believe there are some in this world who do not believe there is a God?! They live every day the grace of God and enjoy life, but give no credit to the great and mighty God who created all things! They say the universe and the world, especially, had no creator, and add insult to all saying life began in a warm pond somewhere and from some kind of non-living material!

Others say life began in that warm pond from a one-cell amoeba and that a process of evolution brought us to where we are today! They have no answer of how our world has all the life-supporting materials and environment, while all the vast universe has nothing to support life! Our world is unique! There is none like it!

As Christians, we do strongly believe in God and in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit! We know God loves us and has forgiven our sins, and has prepared a place in heaven for us to live with Him forever!

He has given us the Holy Bible, which we believe to be His Holy Word, and gives us instructions of how to live a life pleasing to Him. He has also given us a strong command to seek the lost people of this world who do not believe and to share His gospel with them, so they may know the truth and can be forgiven of their sins accepting Jesus Christ as their savior.

John 3:16 tells us the gospel in one verse! Please read it and put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. I pray you will. If you are a Christian, please share this article with those you know who are not Christians. May God bless you richly!