McDonough fight leads to federal investigation

Counterfeit money found by police

The United States Secret Service is conducting a joint investigation with the McDonough Police Department, after a man was arrested for having fake money.

McDonough police arrested Brian Jamal Garland earlier this month, when they responded to a fight in the City Square subdivision. “Some adults and juveniles attacked another juvenile,” police said.

Officer Manny Perez added that when he and a fellow officer arrived at the scene of the alleged fight, everyone had already left. But, police found a crucial piece of evidence at the scene.

“One of the suspects involved in the fight left his college identification on the ground,” said Officer Perez. “We followed the lead we had on the suspect and stopped a car on Yellow Pine.”

Four people were in the car, two females and two males,” he said. “One of the men fit the description of the identification. That man was Garland, 20, of McDonough,” said Perez.

“One of them kept sticking his hands in his pocket. Because it was a fight call, we conducted a consensual search and found a wad of $5 bills folded up,” continued Perez. “At first glance, they were the same size and similar texture of a five dollar bill, but the discoloration got my attention.”

The officer said he called the Criminal Investigation Division and Detective Gardner [no first name given] arrived on the scene and took over the investigation.

Garland was arrested Sept. 9, and is charged with second-degree forgery and disorderly conduct, according to Detective Gardner.

Garland appeared in Henry County Magistrate Court Sept. 10, before Judge Wesley Shannon. Judge Shannon set a $4,500 bond for Garland, who was released from the Henry County Jail on the same day. Garland’s case has been reset for Oct. 5, according police

“There is no indication he created the money,” said Gardner, who declined to give any additional information about the counterfeit money case. “At this point, it is an ongoing investigation,” he said.