Henry County renames court program

The Henry County Probate Resource Court has a new name. It is the Henry County Resource Court, one of 13 mental health courts in Georgia.

The new court, which is presided over by Judge William Bartles, is designed to assist those who have committed crimes, as a result of a serious mental illness. The name change also is designed to eliminate any confusion, said county spokesperson Julie Hoover-Ernst in a press statement.

According to Debra Brown, Director of the Henry County Resource Court, the renaming of the court is part of a county budget restructuring process to remove the resource court from the probate court, said Brown. "The Resource Court minimizes jail time and helps to avoid the time and expense of a jury trial," Brown added.

Since its inception in March 2009, the Henry County Resource Court has received 130 referrals, and accepted 41 people.

Brown said the Henry County Resource Court has helped Henry County avoid nearly $450,000 in court and jail costs.

"It has been very rewarding for me to see people overcome their limitations, and learn to manage their illness so that they can become functioning members of society," said Judge Bartles.

For more information about the Henry County Resource Court, visit www.henrycounty-ga.org/resourcecourt.