Pets of the Week - Emma



Emma is a two and a half year old Maine Coon/Ragdoll mix. She has been spayed and fully vaccinated. Before Emma was born, a beautiful but sickly and frail Ragdoll was found at Animal Control. She was pregnant, and clearly not strong enough to have babies without some intervention.

She was rescued, given the name of "Ellie" and taken to a CCHS volunteer's home to be cared for through her illness, pregnancy and delivery. On May 7, 2009, Ellie gave birth to 4 babies, and one of those babies was to be named "Emma". Emma and her siblings were eventually old enough to be taken to the CCHS shelter, where they could be seen and hopefully, adopted. All of the other babies went quickly, but no one wanted Emma. And to this day, well over 2 years later, poor Emma still sits at the CCHS shelter, waiting to be the lucky one.....the one chosen to go home to a new family.

Emma is a striking, gorgeous girl, with a beautiful coat and piercing eyes. She is a sweet girl, but she has that "cat personality" which declares that most things will be done on Emma's terms. Moments of quiet and affectionate behavior will happen when Emma is in the mood. She is an exquisite cat and anyone who understands the personality of an independent cat, will be thrilled with Miss Emma.

For more information about how to adopt Emma, please call Robin at 770-478-7531. To see other adoptable CCHS animals, please visit our Petfinder pages at www.petfinder.com and use our 30236 zip code for your search.