Pets of the Week - Steele

Steele is a four year old gray and white Domestic Shorthair. He has been neutered and fully vaccinated. Steele was abandoned at the front door of the CCHS shelter several years ago; left alone in a box, on a cold January night. When he was found by staff coming into work that morning, he was terribly cold and frightened, but seemed genuinely happy to finally be inside and the center of attention. He quickly settled in, gained some weight, and is now happy and healthy, and has assumed a "management position" at the CCHS shelter.....he can be rather bossy, and tends to try to "manage" the staff and the other feline residents at the shelter. He's a good boy, and he seems to truly love human attention. He seems to be suffering from some minor respiratory problems, but please be assured that this is not anything major or difficult to deal with. When his breathing starts to sound a bit congested, he takes a little Benadryl, and he improves quickly. We believe that being around so many other animals, that the massive amounts of dog and cat hair in the shelter, tend to aggravate his breathing issues. He tells us that he wants to be the "main man" in his new home, and would like to be an "only cat" or at least in a home where there would only be one or two other cats.....he prefers not to have too much competition for attention! For anyone looking for a great big lap cat, who will lay around and watch TV with you, Steele would be the purrfect companion! For more information, please call Robin at 770/478-7531. To see other adoptable CCHS animals, please visit our pages at www.Petfinder.com , and use our 30236 area code for your search.