Local agency to offer AARP services

After meeting several social responsibility and business requirements, Smarr Financial Services Inc., is now authorized to offer a popular insurance program in Clayton County.

The Hartford announced recently that it is making its award-winning, AARP-branded auto insurance program available through Smarr.

The company was chosen after satisfying a number of eligibility requirements, which included: demonstrating a commitment to community service; meeting a high-level of business and ethical standards; and completing a training program designed to address the needs of the older-than-50 population.

“For more than 25 years, the industry-leading, AARP-branded auto insurance program from The Hartford has been extremely popular,” said Jim Flynn, vice president at The Hartford. “Much of the success of this program is due to innovative product features and a commitment to truly understand and support our customers. We are thrilled to now be able to offer these benefits through our independent agent partners.”

According to research from The Hartford, the majority of AARP members prefer the advice and counsel of a local agent when making decisions about their insurance. Based on this research and strong customer demand, The Hartford is offering the AARP-branded auto insurance program through select, authorized independent agents. These products were previously only available from The Hartford by phone, the Internet and by mail.

The AARP-branded auto insurance program is designed in consultation with The Hartford Advance 50 Team, which helps to tailor products and services specifically to the interests and needs of Boomers and older adults.

Other unique hallmarks of the program include:

-- Lifetime Continuation Agreement — assures that the customer’s insurance policy will not be dropped as long as a few simple requirements are met.

-- RecoverCare — helps customers pay for assistance with daily errands and responsibilities, like cooking, cleaning, shopping, dog walking, transportation and yard work if they are injured in an auto accident.

-- Standard 12-month rate protection versus the traditional six-month policies offered by most companies.

For more information on the local Smarr firm, access www.smarrfinancialservices.com, or call (404) 601-2815.