Slain deputy to be added to memorial

Clayton County Sheriff's Deputy Rick Daly was killed in the line of duty last July.

Clayton County Sheriff's Deputy Rick Daly was killed in the line of duty last July.

Slain Clayton County sheriff's Deputy Rick Daly's family will unveil his permanent place on the Georgia Police Memorial Wall during a ceremony Friday morning at the Banke Justice Center in Jonesboro.

Sheriff Kem Kimbrough said the event will be attended by members of the Clayton County public safety community, government officials, and supporters of the Daly family. The public is invited to attend the 9:30 a.m. service.

Daly, 55, is the first county officer in Clayton to die by gunfire in the line of duty. He was gunned down during a felony traffic stop July 20 in Riverdale.

Police arrested Jonathan Bun, 17, of Riverdale and charged him with murder and other felonies in connection with Daly's death. He is being held without bond in the Henry County Jail.

At the time of the shooting, Bun was wanted for a January 2011 armed robbery.

Bun has been in legal trouble since age 10, when he was referred to Clayton County Juvenile Court for bringing a pocket knife to school, court records show. According to the records, Bun was disciplined by school officials for having the pocket knife but the complaint was dismissed due to his mental incompetence.

Bun was in court every year since age 13, when he was put on probation for delinquent acts of burglary, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and being a runaway. Little more than a month later, Clayton Juvenile Court Judge Steven Teske revoked Bun's probation and ordered him committed for the maximum of two years to the state Department of Juvenile Justice.

A year later, Bun was detained for being a party to the crime of burglary and re-committed to the state for two more years.

At 15, Bun was accused of damaging his mother's house. A complaint of criminal trespass was handled by Department of Juvenile Justice. The next year, Bun was referred to court for disrupting a public school. Officials said he got upset with a teacher and pulled a fire alarm.

In November, when he was 16, Bun was put on six months probation in South Carolina for being a minor in possession of alcohol. His probation ended May 16.

Clayton County police said that in January 2011, while on probation, Bun robbed a Forest Park store at gunpoint and made off with $200. Police testified last year that Bun was given an opportunity to surrender July 6 on those charges.

Clayton police Detective Edgardo Rivera testified in August that Bun had ample time and opportunity to surrender in the armed robbery and keep silent, or come in and give a statement to police. Either way, Bun would be going to jail, Rivera told him during a July 6 phone call.

"He first agreed to give his side, said he had nothing to hide," said Rivera. "But it appeared he kept working himself up to the fact that he would not be going home that night. He was clearly reluctant. Then he hung up."

Rivera said he took warrants for Bun's arrest that day and created a wanted poster. About two weeks later, the fugitive squad caught up with Bun as he rode with a friend in a black Honda through a Riverdale neighborhood.

It was because of those warrants that Daly initiated a stop July 20 on a car in which Bun was a passenger. Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents said Bun emerged from the car firing a Glock .40-caliber handgun at Daly, hitting him several times. Bun fled, but was found 5 1/2 hours later less than a mile away.

If convicted of murder, Bun faces a mandatory minimum life in prison. Under Georgia law, he is too young to face the death penalty.