Man's second murder trial to begin Monday

A College Park man will be back in Clayton County Superior Court Monday for a retrial on charges he killed his girlfriend and hid her body behind a cemetery.

Errol Alexis Moore Jr., 21, remains in the Clayton County Jail on $200,000 bond on 10 charges related to the July 15, 2010, death of Janell Aaron, 20.

Clayton Chief Judge Deborah Benefield declared a mistrial in the case in November. Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson declined to comment on the mistrial.

Aaron had been reported missing by her sister and Moore took to the airways to beg Aaron to come home. But police said Moore strangled Aaron during an argument about her cell phone.

After Aaron lost consciousness during the assault and dropped to the floor, prosecutors allege Moore wrapped her in two comforters and put her inside a blue plastic container. He then allegedly dumped the container in the woods behind Sherwood Memorial Cemetery.

The indictments allege Moore used Aaron's cell phone to send text messages as if from her to create the illusion that she was alive. Prosecutors also said Moore put items belonging to the couple's baby girl in front of the front door of their apartment — another ruse to make believe Aaron was alive.

Moore used local media to plea for Aaron's safe return, telling reporters he was caring for the baby, who was 5 months old, and just wanted Aaron back home.

In August 2010, the assistant manager of the Poplar Springs Apartments hired a carpet cleaning firm to work in the unit the couple had shared. Workers reported a foul odor and possible blood. A sample was sent to the GBI Crime Lab for DNA testing and came back positive as a match to Aaron, the criminal warrants allege.

Police interviewed Moore again in October 2010 and he allegedly admitted to killing Aaron and disposing of her body. Police said Moore led them to her body Oct. 8, 2010. The body was positively identified as Moore's through dental records.


ronniern2 3 years, 7 months ago

I was one of the original jurors, I was really frustrated, we were never told why there was a mistrial


charris130 3 years, 7 months ago

what was his verdict. was he found guilty or not


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