Re: Cartoon in the Clayton News Daily

To the editor:

A recent (editorial) cartoon (March 30) showed two well-to-do men, each dressed in a suit, with “Big Oil” written on one suit, and “Wall Street Speculators” written on the other. Each man is shown holding one of the two legs of George Zimmerman, who was involved in the recent tragic death of Trayvon Martin. Mr. Zimmerman is portrayed hanging upside down between the two men. As he hangs upside down, Mr. Zimmerman holds a cell phone next to his ear, saying: “Hello, 911? I want to report a black guy who looks like he’s up to no good.”

Meanwhile, the men labeled as “Big Oil” and “Wall Street Speculators” are shaking Mr. Zimmerman to dislodge money out of his pockets, which falls upon the ground. To the left of the three men is a figure meant to represent Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old boy who was unfortunately killed.

The facts I heard on the news were 1.) That Zimmerman did not volunteer to tell 911 that Trevon was black, but answered “he looks black” only when asked. 2.) An eyewitness saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman, hitting him, breaking his nose, and injuring the back of his head, while Zimmerman screamed for help. 3.) At first, Zimmerman was said to be white, which would work out to white-on-black, which would give rise to a charge of racial profiling. 4.) The truth of the matter is that Zimmerman is, in fact, an Hispanic.

The facts are hotly disputed. But what is crystal clear is that it will take some time for our justice system to sort this matter out and determine the truth. I have practiced trial law for more than 40 years. It is hard, and you have to work hard, but if you do that, the American Justice System almost always works.

I accuse that the writer(s) and supporters of the cartoon of showing a reflection of their lack of Judeo-Christian character, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge.

Is this cartoon to be understood as an attempt to confuse the issues, promote class warfare, divide and conquer the American people, and set the White, Black and Hispanic races in our country against one another, instead of encouraging us to work together? This inaccurate cartoon creates confusion, hurts the United States as a Nation, focuses attention on false facts, and thus, the untrue impression of racial profiling, and diverts attention away from the true question, which is whether or not the people of America want to give Obama and the Liberal/Progressive Democrats another four years of power.

Is this cartoon not clearly an attempt to cause, control and exploit racial distrust and hatred? And is that not the most intentional, most calculated sort of racism? Who stands to gain from this cartoon? It will further erode the trust between the races, stimulate class warfare, and mobilize the black vote on Election Day to the benefit of Obama and the liberal Democrats.

In 2008, concerned Americans –– black, white, young, old, male and female –– voted for Obama to give America its first black president, so as not to be called racists. Now, in 2012, concerned Americans should vote against Obama and the liberal/Progressive Democrats so as not to be called fools.

The story is a tragedy.What we should do is feel sadness for Trevon Martin, as well as for his mother and father. Mr. Zimmerman deserves a fair trial, which will now be very difficult. Demagogues are using this tragedy to advance themselves and their agenda. True, patriotic Americans must focus on the necessity to defeat Obama and the Democrats.

Actually, the cartoon would be closer to a true representation of facts if the man wearing the suit labeled “Big Oil,” was instead wearing one labeled ”Big Government.” The other man should be labeled “Government Tyranny,” rather than “Wall Street Speculators.” Label the man who is supposed to represent George Zimmerman, whose money the Government Thugs are seizing, as “John Q. Public, the American Citizen.” Label the person to the side, looking on, as Obama, the Clueless. At the bottom, have President Obama saying: “Now that we have shown the American people what I meant by ‘Hope’ and ‘Change,’ the time is now right to initiate them into the Joys of Socialism, by making America an Obama Nation.”

I would agree that the descriptive term “Abomination” is appropriate.


Forest Park