College Park man guilty of girlfriend’s death

A Clayton County Superior Court jury decided this week that Errol Alexis Moore, Jr., was responsible for the July 15, 2010, death of his 20-year-old girlfriend, Janell Aaron.

Executive Assistant District Attorney Lalaine Briones said the jury, on Tuesday, found Moore, 21, guilty of two counts of voluntary manslaughter, three counts of concealing a death, one count of aggravated assault, one count of tampering with evidence, and one count of giving a false statement.

Briones and Senior Assistant District Attorney Michael Thurston prosecuted the case.

It was previously reported that Moore had been accused of strangling Aaron — with whom he had a baby girl — during an argument over her cell phone, and that he dumped her body in a wooded area behind Sherwood Memorial Cemetery, in Jonesboro.

He had also been accused of using her phone to send out text messages, in an attempt to create the illusion that she was still alive.

Moore admitted to killing Aaron and led police to her body in October 2010. During a pre-trial hearing last week, however, he said he did not really kill her, and only said so to “get them [police] out of my face.” During the trial, he said another one of his girlfriends killed Aaron.

Briones said that other girlfriend’s work records refuted that claim, because they showed she was at work when Aaron died.

This was the second time Moore was put on trial for Aaron’s death. The first trial, which took place last November, ended with Clayton County Chief Superior Court Judge Deborah Benefield declaring a mistrial. Officials from the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office have repeatedly declined to comment on the mistrial.

Briones said sentencing for Moore has been scheduled to take place on May 4. She added that he could possibly face more than 50 years in jail for Aaron’s death.

— Staff writer Kathy Jefcoats contributed to this article.