Who will decide Clayton County's future, reputation?

Who cares about Clayton County?

Who cares what happens here?

Who cares about the future?

Tuesday only 24.12 percent of registered voters bothered to go to the polls.

That means three-fourths of registered voters in Clayton County just don’t really care.

At least, they don’t care enough to vote.

That means 75.88 percent of the electorate in our county is not very concerned about our future.

There is no dancing around the subject, so, let’s just tell it like it is.

We are hearing over and over again that readers cannot believe the outcome of the Clayton County Sheriff’s race.

Obviously, however, that is not how 38 percent of people who care enough to actually vote feel.

Embattled former Sheriff Victor Hill is heading to a run-off election with incumbent Kem Kimbrough.

While pundits, readers and members of the community may now want to say they cannot believe the county is showing strong support and resurrecting the political ambitions of Hill while he remains under the cloud of a 37-count felony indictment, it begs the question — where were they on Election Day?

So, who are the people who supported Hill?

The answer is simple.

The people who supported Hill are the people who went to the polls or at least they were 11,706 of the people who bothered to vote.

Who are the people who vote?

The people who vote are the people who want to have a say in the future of their county.

So, only 31,000 people out of the 184,000 people of voting age who live in Clayton County voted in the sheriff’s race and of that number almost 12,000 voted for Hill.

When you consider not only the number of registered voters who did not vote in this election but also the number of people of voting age who are not even registered to vote, it is clear that only a small handful of Clayton County residents are shaping the future of the entire county.

It is highly likely that a large percentage of those people who are saying, “How did this happen?,” either don’t live in Clayton County or live in Clayton County and don’t vote.

It is a small minority of the county’s total population that is setting the tone for law enforcement and for the county’s reputation throughout the state of Georgia.

Tina Daniel ran a respectable campaign and had a solid outing in her freshman campaign for public office. She may very well be poised for another run in the future.

Kimbrough may very well have suffered from not appearing at significant public forums during the campaign.

Of the total number who voted in the sheriff’s race, more than 6,000 voters did not vote for either Hill or Kimbrough.

If all those votes went to Hill, it would put the two of them in a statistical dead heat.

So what will the outcome of the Clayton County sheriff’s race run-off election be later this month?

What will the future of law enforcement in Clayton County look like?

What will the county’s image and reputation in the state and region be 30 days from now?

Well, if the election holds true to form, only a very small percentage of Clayton County will be making those decisions for everyone else.

Will you vote this time around?

— Editor Jim Zachary


OscarKnight 2 years, 11 months ago


.......Quote : "Of the total number who voted in the sheriff’s race, more than 6,000 voters did not vote for either Hill or Kimbrough."

....Maybe some of the Voters thought that there was much better choices to be made :

JON E. ANTOINE 612 1.94% L. "TINA" DANIEL 4080 12.94% LAWRENCE ETHRIDGE 462 1.46% VICTOR HILL 11839 37.54% KEM KIMBROUGH (I) 13375 42.41% DREQ NEWSOM 289 0.92% RICKY REDDING 483 1.53% RICA C. WRIGHT 401 1.27%

....If anyone is worrying about the "reputation" of this county, this reputation was blown during Hill's first day as Sheriff, by placing Snipers on the roof to provide securtiy from the fired Depuites, while they was being escorted from their work place.


OscarKnight 2 years, 11 months ago

....Quote : "What will the future of law enforcement in Clayton County look like?"

,,,,,Like It has been during the last 8 years.....But far more worse.

...Quote : "Clayton County Police Chief also Theft Victim"

(( "Thieves stole Clayton County Police Chief Greg Porter's gun, badge and other items from his personal vehicle about seven weeks ago, the chief confirmed Tuesday night." ))


OscarKnight 2 years, 11 months ago

...If every registered voter, in Clayton Couty, was to turn out during the Democrat Primaries, Victor Hill would probably be our New Sheriff....and We would probably have a New District Attorney.

....I have No Complaints about the Low Turn Out.


OscarKnight 2 years, 11 months ago

........Victor Hill made National News Headlines, with the "Snipers on The Roof" incident.

.......If anyone wants to see The Clayton County Sheriff back in The National News Headlines, then Elect Victor Hill again.....This would be the cherry on top of our "reputation"..


DE 2 years, 11 months ago

Could the reason for the low turn-out in elections is because there really isn't a viable candidate to vote for?

In the Sheriff's race, you have a incumbent Sheriff that has failed to get the crime problem lowered in this county, running against a ex-sheriff under indictment and who caused embarrassment to the county with his actions while he was in office. Not to mention the monetary amount he caused the taxpayers of this county to pay out because of his actions.

In the BOC election, you have the incumbent running again, even though he has done little to make this a prosperous, safe community, against the ex-police chief that he and the BOC fired and is probably running to just make a statement.

But the real problem is that the uninformed, uneducated voters will go to the polls and vote for one of these people.

What the low voter turnout numbers really show is that the educated voter's in this county are not going to waste their time voting for candidates that are not looking out for the citizens or the counties best interest


Robert 2 years, 11 months ago

These are truly sad times for Clayton County.

Who ever wins the elections then the citizenship will get what they deserve.

If Chief Porter is currently under investigation then why is he still the current chief? I thought that any policeman under investigation was suspended pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation. I guess the rules don't apply when your the hand puppet of the commissioner.


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