BOC sinks teeth into animal ordinances

Changes are minor though

JONESBORO — Clayton County took a bite out of the county’s animal ordinances this week but their alterations barely broke the flesh of the laws.

In a largely housekeeping move, the Clayton County Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to replace all of the county’s animal ordinances. The new ordinances are virtually word for word the same as the old animal ordinances but references to Official Code of Georgia Annotated sections were changed to reflect new code section numbers for the state’s animal laws.

State laws were changed by the Georgia General Assembly earlier this year.

The Clayton County code section dealing with registration of dangerous dogs got one minor change though dealing with the signs owners of dangerous dogs must put on their properties to proclaim the dogs presence. Section 14-140 now requires letters on the signs be “at least six inches in size and in a contracting [sic] color to the background.”