Fire pumper coming to Morrow

MORROW — The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to let the fire department buy its first new fire truck in 14 years.

The department will spend $423,439 to buy a custom-built pumper truck from William Fire Apparatus, which represents SUTPHEN Manufacturing. A new engine has long been desired by fire Chief Mark Herendeen, who told the Clayton News Daily in June the last fire truck purchased by the city — a 1998 American LaFrance truck — “eats tires” and has cracks in its exterior shell.

The pumper will be a replacement for the 1998 truck. An older and sturdier 1994 Pierce unit will remain in service.

“We’re very excited to be getting a new truck,” said Herendeen. “This is not just for the fire department. It’s for the people who live here and for the businesses located here. That’s Morrow’s truck.”

City Manager Jeff Eady said the city got six bids for the pumper truck and the Williams Fire Apparatus bid fell in the middle of a price range from $418,000 to $444,600. While it was not the lowest bid, the company was chosen because it had the highest score — a 29 out of a possible 30 points — after a fire apparatus review committee looked at the bids.

While some people outside of the firefighting profession may have never heard the term “pumper truck” before, Eady said the name comes from the truck’s design.

“It’s called a pumper basically because it’s not a ladder truck,” he said. “It pumps water. It’s a pumper.”

Herendeen said it will take six to eight months for the truck to be built and delivered.