Davenport wins second ‘Battle of the Gails’

JONESBORO — When the smoke cleared in the second round of Gail v. Gail Tuesday, it was state Sen. Gail Davenport who came out victorious over former state Sen. Gail Buckner.

Davenport defeated Buckner with 54.22 percent of the 15,479 votes cast in the District 44 State Senate run-off election. The result is the opposite of the first “Battle of the Gails” in 2008, where Buckner was victorious. Buckner left the seat to run for Secretary of State in 2010, however, which allowed Davenport to return to the office. Davenport previously held that office from 2006 until 2008.

Davenport has previously said job creation, education and transportation are the three main issues she wants to focus on during her next term.

In the District 63 state representative run-off, attorney Ronnie Mabra defeated Fulton County teacher T.J. Copeland with 64.76 percent of the 2,574 votes cast in the election. The seat mainly represents Fayette County but it also represents southwest Clayton County’s panhandle region. It is a new addition to the Clayton County legislative delegation, having been moved into the county through statewide redistricting.


OscarKnight 3 years ago

......Gail Davenport has never tried to flam flim me, however, she never answered my emails either.

....The other Gail ( Buckner ), tried to trick me, by telling me that she was rated high by The N.R,A., when I asked her about a certain Self Defense State Bill.that she voted against ....and the Bill had nothing to do with Firearms. Buckner only filled out a standard questionnaire from The N.R.A,.... when in fact, she was involved with the NAACP, and The NAACP Opposed our Individual rights under The Second Amendment.


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