Citizens: Where did $1.45 million in SPLOST money go?

Group seeking sales tax withdrawal records

JONESBORO — Five recreation centers promised nine years ago have yet to be built, and some of the sales tax dollars intended to pay for them has been wasted on studies, according to the head of a citizens watchdog group.

The Clayton County Citizens Oversight Committee, which was formed two weeks ago to monitor county government spending, began its search of finance records with what some might say is a thud.

Actually, it’s the kind of loud thud heard when a large stack of requests for records — about two dozen requests, to be exact — is dropped on a table. The group filed more than a dozen open records requests this week for finance records — mainly pertaining to records of the account which holds funds raised by the county’s 2004 SPLOST.

Committee President Carl Swensson said the group has uncovered evidence that while $208 million has been sitting in accounts for the 2004 and 2009 SPLOSTs, what little money is being spent from the accounts has been used on items such as “road-related studies.”

“There’s very little actual work being done, but you’ll see a lot of money is being spent on consultants to do studies,” Swensson said.

The Clayton News Daily obtained access to one of the group’s records requests. In the request, the group indicates $1.45 million in funds from the account for the county’s 2004 SPLOST has been transferred to an unspecified account for an unspecified reason.

“Specifically, who authorized ... the $1,456,879.13 transfer[s], where was it transferred to, for what purpose was it transferred, to whom was the check[s] made out to and for what amounts if more than one was issued?” the request states.

The group is asking the county to provide documents such as notes and correspondence “evidencing authorization for this expenditure.”


DE 3 years ago

Does this really surprise anyone? And our elected officials wonder why the voters just voted down the last TSPLOST.

But mark my word, you can bet that as soon as the current SPLOST expires, our elected officials in this county will ask voters to extend it for a completely different reason.

The sad part is that the uninformed citizens of this county will probably fall for it and vote it back in.


OscarKnight 3 years ago

......Our County Officials has been warned about over spending before, many times. It seems to be easy to spend someone's else money, without being accountable for the losses.


rts 3 years ago

This is the SECOND time this has happened. IT is time that the citizens of this county take back control.

Also what happened to our TAX money we paid for years to the county for storm water run off and then all of a sudden, CCWA startes handling and charging us extra money on watre bill that we were paying CC to do. Our taxes DID NOT GO DOWN. Chairman and County Attorney told me I could did out the answer myself that they were NOT going to answer my questions.

What about expense accounts and advertising by commissioners in magazines and movies in the park. I will bet we are paying for them also.

If there is something wrong with the way this county is run, we need to push that arrest are made and who ever is responsible is taken to court to serve time and collect our money back. Someone in control has a bond on their actions.


GEEMAW 3 years ago

Whatever happen to accountability. You, the citizen, the taxpayer, are held accountable to the IRS, the government to report ALL your income. They do not want you to CHEAT. So why can't we the people demand the same accountability from our elected officials. After all they are "elected" not put there by God Almighty. The current election "maybe" is going to bring a message to those cheaters in office who have been, for sometime, raping this county. It's time Clayton County reaped some rewards from all the taxes paid for by the citizens. The county, at the moment, is an embarrasing place to live. I've seen it better and I've been here 35 years. It can be a great place again, if we demand honest leadership.


Lunchman 3 years ago

It is not only happening with the BOC, but with Clayton County BOE and it's several branches. Millions have been wasted in so called modern technology, training and upgrades, yet our bus drivers, teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers are getting nothing. People are hired that are not even qualified and then sent to school to get their certification. SPLOST is Special Purpose Onetime Sales Tax and is suppose to be temporary. I have yet to see a temporary tax. We need to vote down any more "temporary" taxes and vote out these people who waste our money.


MD 3 years ago

Its time to start showing up at meetings demanding answers, and if that does not work, ask the state Attorney General to come down on them hard.


CarlS 3 years ago

May I suggest that anyone reading this show up next Tues. Eve at 6:00 PM for the Clayton County Citizens Oversight Committee Meeting at "Our House", the BOC meeting hall where much info will be shared and actions planned for that evenings BOC meeting beginning at 7:00 PM. Forget talking about these issues, let's work on resolutions whether they be criminal charges or making their actions clear to the public by shining our light on what was always meant to be transparent, above board, responsible service by our County Commission Public servants. We will make a difference with your presence and responses, making them feel the heat they've brought on themselves.

Carl Swensson, Chairman CCCOC


OscarKnight 3 years ago

.....Clayton County must keep the State Attorney General's Office, The Governor's Office, and The G.B.I. Investigators on red light alert.


spencerid 2 years, 1 month ago

This is a good question! Our local counselors know best how to spend the money without having to account for what they spent. I am an honest citizen who make money online and pay taxes regularly. I really want to know what happened with them.


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