Clayton schools invite input on strategic plan

JONESBORO — The public is invited to have its say on the future of Clayton County’s public schools at the yearly review of the system’s strategic plan Thursday morning.

The meeting starts at 9 a.m. at the professional learning center on Battle Creek Road.

“The workshop is structured to have all participants work in cooperative groups to help revise the strategic plan,” said Monika Wiley, director of fine arts for the district and meeting coordinator. “All members of the community — parents, teachers, students, board members, business, higher education, employees, homeowners and taxpayers — will have a voice in the revision.”

The meeting is intended to give participants a chance to propose ideas and to talk about the district’s mission, vision, belief statements and its current goals, Wiley said. Participants will sit at one of several tables, each with a small group and a selected host to facilitate conversation.

Comments from Thursday’s meeting eventually will be placed on the district’s website for further feedback.