Deputy trainee skips work after drug arrest

Clayton correction officer admitted to addiction

JACKSON — A Clayton County sheriff’s detention officer and deputy trainee has not reported to work since her drug arrest, according to Clayton County Deputy Sheriff spokesperson, James Beveridge.

Christina Danielle Allen was arrested Thursday after she was caught during a drug sting, purchasing 13 Roxycodone pain pills from an undercover Butts County officer, Beveridge said.

“As of Tuesday, the 28th, at lunchtime, officer Allen has still not made contact with anyone at the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office,” said Beveridge.

Allen is charged with possession of a controlled substance and violation of oath of office. She was released from the Butts County Jail, Friday on a $10,000 bond.

On Aug. 22, Butts County Sheriff’s Sgt. Keith Kendrick said Butts County authorities received text messages and phone calls from Allen — known at the time only as Danielle — asking to buy 10 prescription Roxycodone pain pills.

Kendrick said authorities set up a buy the next day, and Allen, 30, told investigators operating the sting that she would meet them in Butts County, on her lunch break from the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth.

“The meeting location was set up at the BP Store at Exit 201 so that she would be able to get back to the Academy on time,” Kendrick said in a statement. “At approximately 12:40 p.m., Danielle drove into the parking lot of the BP Store in her gray Ford Explorer and parked in front of investigators’ vehicle. She bought the Roxys and when the transaction was complete we moved in and took her into custody.”

Allen, of Jonesboro, reportedly requested “the police discount” when she purchased the prescription pain medication from an undercover officer, according to Butts County authorities.

“Danielle asked that she be given a couple of extra Roxys at no charge for having to wait so we agreed to give her 13 for the price of 10 for $100,” said Kendrick.

The Butts County Sheriff’s Office is conducting the criminal investigation into Allen’s arrest and Clayton County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an internal investigation.

At the time of her arrest, Allen was training at the public safety academy to become a Clayton County sheriff’s deputy, said Beveridge.

“It upsets me that this incident has scarred the reputation of the great employees that work here at the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office,” he said. “The correction officers here are shocked and disappointed about her arrest.”

Beveridge is a 27-year veteran law enforcement officer, spending 20 of those years in the narcotics unit of the Clayton County Police Department and Clayton sheriff’s office. He currently runs the training program that prepares correction officers to become certified deputy sheriffs. He said Allen was enrolled in a 13-week pre-mandate training program.

According to Beveridge, Allen told investigators she had an addiction to pain medication due to a previous medical issue, which occurred in January.

“I saw no indication during my six weeks with officer Allen of drug dependency,” said Beveridge. “If at any time officer Allen had indicated to any employee of the sheriff’s office that she had a drug problem, we would have immediately begin to get her help. There were no complaints of any ongoing pain issues. This is the first time in my 20 years as a training officer that anything like this has ever happened.”