Heatley headed to Berkeley

— Clayton County Public Schools Superintendent Edmond Heatley was named late Friday as the sole finalist for the superintendent’s job with the Berkeley Unified School District, in Berkeley, Calif., late Friday, Clayton News Daily has learned.

The newspaper was attempting to confirm reports that Berkeley school officials were in Jonesboro Friday morning to interview principals about Heatley’s leadership skills. While investigating those reports, a reporter received a tip the California school system had announced Heatley as its sole finalist.

In a statement, Berkeley school officials confirmed they were in Clayton County over the last few days.

“I am excited about the opportunity to join a high-achieving team focused on ensuring that every student has the opportunity to achieve greatness,” said Heatley in the statement. “I believe in a fair break for every child and that all students can learn. It is great to see that the Berkeley community feels the same way, putting action behind their words.”

Heatley will be required to undergo background checks and is expected to be offered a contract sometime this month, according to Berkeley schools. He tendered his resignation to Clayton school board Chair Pamela Adamson Wednesday but where he was headed was initially shrouded in mystery.

Although unconfirmed by anyone willing to go on the record, Clayton News Daily has learned the list of people interviewed by Berkeley officials — at Heatley’s suggestion — may have included Jonesboro Principal Stephanie Johnson, Charles R. Drew High School Principal Gary Townsend, Lovejoy High School Principal Keith Colbert, Clayton County Education Association representatives and some parents.

Clayton schools officials reportedly held a breakfast reception Friday for Berkeley school officials. Berkeley School Board President Karen Hemphill led the team which conducted the interviews.

Heatley came to Clayton County Public Schools in 2009 from the Chino Valley, Calif., school system.


OscarKnight 2 years, 10 months ago

...The next question might be :

How many Clayton County School Principals, and Teachers, will follow Heatley ?


james171 2 years, 10 months ago

The principals and teachers are not sad that Heatley is leaving. They are very glad. Of course, there are a few Heatley folks who may be crying because they fear that they may have to go to work now!


james171 2 years, 10 months ago

What a joke!!!! Heatley chose "Heatley people" to speak on his behalf. Too bad for the Berkeley school system! That school system is in for a shock!!!


james171 2 years, 9 months ago

Heatley wants to take credit for restoring Clayton County Schools' accreditation; however, he really did nothing to get the accreditation restored. He showed up in May 2009, but the actual work to restore accreditation began much, much earlier than he arrived. His problem in the school system has been his ego, which, like some of the others in his "cabinet", cannot be contained within the confines of the BOE building. He has never been for the school system; he is too self-serving to put the interests of others first. Too bad he has influenced some of his "cabinet" members and do-nothing principals to be just like him. If he is really hired by the Berkeley schools, then they are bigger fools than we were. Why would anyone want to hire a superintendent who has alienated so many people and run off even more good people from the school system. I know Heatley thinks he is God's gift to Clayton County, but he has been very overrated. I just hope the BOE does not make the mistake of hiring his human resources chief officer as the "interim" superintendent. I have heard via the grapevine that the human resources chief is expecting to be named superintendent.....Again, what a joke that would be!


Lunchman 2 years, 9 months ago

It only goes to show if you look at a glass half empty or half full, thankgoodness Berkley was looking through the glass and believe all the "wonders" about Heatley. PLEASE we have had outside the county and state superintendents how about someone who is from our school system and really understands our uniqueness


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