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What do you think Sheriff Kem Kimbrough should do with the deputy trainee who was recently arrested in Butts County? “Clayton correction officer on leave after arrest”

Robbie Wright: “Send her to the soup line.”

Do you think charter schools help, or hurt, public education in America? “Clayton State ed students hear case against charters”

Kenny Stolar: “As long as the school districts are in the toilet, I believe that every child deserves a strong education to prepare them for what is ahead of them. This thing called LIFE, wheather on to college, tech school or starting their own business, it starts with a great foundation.”

Diana Sarakas Ballard: “Ditto!”

Sheriff of the United States of America (Timm Harper, Sheriff): “Public schools in some cities are pretty close to child abuse, abuse of the soul at any rate. I support getting your kid where he safe and he's given a good education, if you don't have that option with govt, take them out and do it yourself, you made them and educating and raising falss on..uh..you?”

Do you think Greg Porter will still be police chief after this investigation is over? “GBI searches county offices”

Chanda Roberts White: “Nope.”

Rhonda Littlejohn: “Uh no!”

Sheriff of the United States of America (Timm Harper, Sheriff): “It depends on what they find I suppose. At this point it is just accusations. I wonder how much, if any, was intentional as accused and how much was just that he isn't bright enough to wade through federal grant paperwork? Political factions are warring for sure. Like Victor, who is in my mind guilty, but if he had just gone away they would have let it go.”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “I certain hope not; In my opinion, I don't understand how Porter ever became a Law Enforcement Officer with his mindset.”

Ellen G Mercer: “I think at least administrative leave (without pay) until investigation is over but then again look who has been voted to be sheriff.”

Can you believe a 4-year old was shot while traveling in her family's van? “‘Shot from inside car’ leaves child, 4, in critical condition”

Bobbie Tarantine: “Clayton County-really doesn't surprise me at all-SUCH MEANESS

We're working to get a copy of Heatley's letter of resignation and will post it on our website as soon as possible. “Clayton County School Superintendent Edmond Heatley resigns”

Sonja Sleeper: “Don't tell me let me guess - it was the corruption and the limo was not nice enough or that his wife and daughter lost their jobs.”

Sheriff of the United States of America (Timm Harper, Sheriff): “I do wish him unwell in his future endeavors. Things like this should coincide with the winding down of the school year or be made known far enough in advance for the proper vetting of potential replacements.”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “Quote: ‘Brown then surprised Heatley by lining up staffers and others, including Sheriff Kem Kimbrough, behind Heatley to lift him into the air.’ They should have dropped him, carried him to the county line, or both.”

Festus Hagan: “The state should declare martial law in CC to clean up the corruption and remove the trash. Martial law is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis — (usually) only temporary — when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security).”

How would you react if your dogs were in your back yard and people in a neighboring park were shooting BBs at them? “Resident: Morrow park is ‘shooting gallery’”

Jeff DeTar: “We need a community that is safe for everyone. This activity needs to be addressed.”

Sheriff of the United States of America (Timm Harper, Sheriff): “It’s not the park, it's the little monsters that are the problem...well, the little unattended monsters. I say we tag kids and make the owners responsible for them, just like dogs they form dangerous packs if left to their own devices..( and no, I am not serious about regitering kids..not too much anyway).”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “This has been my story for the last 35 years, as a homeowner.”

Are you relieved to hear that “minimum day” classes will likely happen only once a month instead of every Wednesday? “Short Wednesday school day monthly instead of weekly?”

Chanda Roberts White: “I am happy that the teachers will possibly receive training during the day, not after a long day of work, then having to do other school related work well into the night. Teachers are parents too. With the new curriculum, we all need weekly training, when do the parents get trained? CC-GPS is busy and parents need to know what's going on in the classroom.”

Who is allegedly raping women in College Park? “College Park teenager charged in alleged rapes of women”

Sheriff of the United States of America (Timm Harper, Sheriff): “Sounds like he raped and robbed a hooker, she said she went there to have sex with him??”

What do you think will be the biggest impact from this week's county commission elections? “BOC’s ‘gang of three’ broken up”

Sheriff of the United States of America (Timm Harper, Sheriff): “I like the audit idea, joining MARTA would be a calamity of epic proportions. If that is the reason the people turned on candidates and not because of their lack of integrity..then this is all for naught.”

Chanda Roberts White: “Whoo hoo! Now when I send an email to the commissioner regarding the loss of business around Southlake Mall, I bet I won't get an email back ‘that is The city of Morrow's problem.’ I still have that email response as well as the email response in April 2010 regarding the upcoming problem with the USPS employees losing jobs on the Southside. Vote two more out. And can we use Wade Starr's salary to hire two Fulltime staff to follow up and bring property owners to court, even if it is bank owned? We have a house on rails in my S/D for two years, the grass is now taller than the house, yet no one can get anything done. Who is paying the taxes on the house? Duh, send notices to the address listed on payments when mailed in.”

Walter Edwards: “Lower the crime rate, give tax breaks to businesses who hire citizens and pay decent wages and get some decent transit in here that will cover the entire county. Everyone does not own a car but many have jobs if they could just get to them so they can bring that money back and spend it here. Why do we have so many selfish and hateful people here. If all the people who you think are not worth anything stop putting money in the system maybe it would open your hate filled eyes.”

What do Jonah from the Bible, George Washington, Jesus Christ, Batman, Muhammad Ali and Christopher Columbus have in common? “Victor Hill says he’s a ‘more mature, wiser person’”

Sheriff of the United States of America (Timm Harper, Sheriff): “I don't know how this will shake out. I hope the current Sheriff doesn't do drastic things on the way out and that Hill, if he does take office, doesn;t do drastic things when he goes in. I hope that if the Gov does put someone in, he picks someone from utside of the county that has no designs on the office.”

Carol Cannon: “Our current Clayton County Sheriff is an honorable, educated man and wouldn't stoop to doing drastic or underhanded things. I respect and admire him. As for Hill, unfortunately there is no Elba to send him to.”

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Gail Lindsey Hensarling: “Glad to see news.”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “The News Daily is the one of the many reasons why I continue to reside in Clayton County !!!!!.......Thanks !!!!”

“In your Facebook” is a new weekly feature compiled by government reporter Curt Yeomans, who is one of Clayton News Daily’s Facebook administrators. He can be reached at (770) 478-5753, ext. 247 or via e-mail at cyeomans@news-daily.com. The newspaper’s facebook page can be found at www.facebook.com/claytonco.newsdaily/.


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