Fight erupts during family dispute

Investigation may lead to more arrests

MORROW — A man used a tire iron to beat his son-in-law during a family dispute over the weekend, according to police.

Morrow police Detective Sgt. Larry Oglesby said Saturday, at 8:54 p.m., a fight broke out during an argument at a house located in the 1800 block of Argonne Drive in Morrow.

“When officers arrived on the scene, Josue Rodriquez was standing outside of the home, bleeding from the top of his head,” Oglesby said.

Rodriquez, 21, told police his father-in-law, Casiano Olmoslomeli, hit him in the head, punched him in the face and kicked him several times, Oglesby added.

“The father-in-law asked Rodriquez to move out of his home and that’s when the fight broke out,” the detective said. “During the investigation, we learned the father-in-law used a tire iron to hit Rodriquez.”

Olmoslomeli, 49, told police his son-in-law cut his stomach. He was treated by emergency medical service workers at the scene.

Rodriquez was hospitalized at Southern Regional Medical Center, where he was treated and released. He was immediately arrested.

Rodriquez and Olmoslomeli are charged with aggravated assault.

There were several other people who witnessed the fight, according to Oglesby. More arrests are pending the investigation.


OscarKnight 2 years, 2 months ago

....A "tire iron" beating ?

....More proof that Gun Control Laws don't work; People will use anything as a weapon.


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