Austell man jailed in Forest Park killing

FOREST PARK — An Austell man has been arrested, accused of killing a man during a botched robbery to steal drugs and money in Forest Park.

Jacobey Sean Carter, 24, was arrested Thursday. Forest Park police said he participated in a planned robbery on Aug. 2, in room 105 of the Home Lodge, located at 4552 Old Dixie Road, in Forest Park.

Tavares Moses was killed during the armed robbery, according to police.

Detective J. Raley said Carter, Larry Lupoe and an unknown male entered the room where Moses, Carlos Wilson, Deandre Miller and Jumario Booker were located, with the intent to commit armed robbery.

According to Raley, Parris Stready, Quandala Kilgore, Sierra Gilliam, Lupoe and an unknown male participated with Carter in the crime.

Police say Stready and Gilliam offered to have sex with the men for money. The detective said Kilgore and Lupoe planned the armed robbery to steal money and drugs from Moses, Wilson, Deandre Miller and Jumario Booker.

“The females knocked on the door to room 105,” Raley said. “Deandre opened the door for the females. Carter, Larry and another unknown male entered the room. Carter and the unknown male were carrying handguns and immediately fired at least five gun shots into Tavares’ upper body. ... Larry and the unknown male then stole money and a gun from Tavares and held Wilson at gunpoint while they stole his car keys and his wallet.”

Police used phone records to confirm that Lupoe called Carter prior to the shooting and within a few hours of the shooting, Raley said.

Gilliam confessed her part in the homicide, police said. She told police she was there during the robbery and shooting. She identified Carter in a photo lineup as one of the men with a weapon, said Raley.

Stready assisted in drawing a sketch of Carter, which helped police identify him, added the detective.