EDITORIAL: Common sense makes good government 

Those who govern with understanding and compassion generally govern best. 

Rules, regulations and stipulations are necessary in an ordered society. 

However, rules, regulations and stipulations can also be needlessly cumbersome and sometimes unreasonable. 

The city of Jonesboro annexed Tara Wrecker into the city at the request of the business and by doing so likely generated a little income for the city coffers. 

For whatever reason, the business was unaware of some of the strings that came attached to the annexation. 

A requirement to plant cypress trees as a buffer to nearby residences may not seem unreasonable but the distances and natural buffers that are already in place are viewed by the business as being adequate.

We are not saying if the existing barriers are or are not adequate, what we are saying is that Jonesboro’s city council did the right thing by revisiting the issue. 

Being able to look at the needs and wants of residents and businesses on a case by case basis and exercising a bit of judgment demonstrates strong leadership.

In the end, city officials should be more committed to what is in the best interest of the entire community than merely sticking to the letter of the law. 

Good leaders lead and think through the decisions with a little common sense. 

All government everywhere, whether city, county, state or federal could stand a little more common sense. 

Of course, decision-makers should apply the rule of law and abide by charters and standing regulations.

However, variances, exceptions and even stipulations exist because situations and circumstances vary. 

We encourage all elected officials in the county and each of Clayton County’s cities to govern in accordance with the law of their respective jurisdictions, but to show compassion and understanding while doing so.

Use some common sense. 

— Editor Jim Zachary