Study shows Morrow High School students tend to buckle up

MORROW— The Morrow High School chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.) last month conducted a seat belt check on campus and found students tend to wear their seat belts. 

Drivers in 31 cars were surveyed. Twelve were found not wearing seat belts, leaving the remaining 19 students leaving campus wearing their seat belt. Data also showed that 23 percent of drivers were talking on the phone or texting. 

Students wearing their seat belt were given Lifesavers candy to reinforce the fact that seat belts save lives, and those not buckled up were reminded of the dangers of riding in a car without a seat belt. 

“The S.A.D.D. chapter at Morrow High hopes that their awareness activities will increase the number of students wearing seat belts and driving safely at the next seat belt check,” said Jordan Crawford, school psychologist.

There will be another seat belt check in May.