Forest Park changes city charter

FOREST PARK— The Forest Park city council voted to change the city’s charter in a special called meeting Friday.

City council members voted unanimously to amend the charter to provide that under certain circumstances and for a limited period of time, three council members may constitute a quorum and transact city business.

“You can amend the charter so that in the event the mayor’s seat is vacant and two council seats are vacant it will allow the remaining three to conduct the business of the city,” said Forest Park City Attorney Robert Mack.

Mack said the three council members can select a presiding officer and that officer can vote. Every resolution requires three affirmative votes to pass and become an ordinance.

As the council discussed changing the charter, Mayor Pro-Tem Sparkle Adams said the measure would help to avoid a dispute among the council in the event it found itself without a mayor or mayor pro-tem.

“You never know, look at what happened in Decatur and in Stockbridge with their city council and mayor situations,” Adams said.

“Every city chooses city councilmembers differently,” said Forest Park City Manager John Parker. “Our charter says we will hold a special election.”


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