Taxi driver run over in armed robbery

Oronde Mitchell

Oronde Mitchell

RIVERDALE — A cab driver was run over by his own car while he was being robbed by two men.

Oronde Mitchell was arrested Wednesday and charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault and violation of probation.

Mitchell and Darion Brownlee called A&B taxi company to take them to Atlanta. The taxi driver arrived at Mitchell’s apartment at 6711 Church St., apartment 6A, on Oct. 31, 2011, according to Riverdale Detective D.L. Hiers in the arrest warrant.

Mitchell, 18, spoke with the taxi driver, Jimmy Thomas. While the men were talking, police said, Brownlee pulled a gun on Thomas and demanded cash, as Mitchell watched.

“Thomas attempted to flee the scene, but fell out of the driver’s door and onto the pavement, where the vehicle rolled over him,” Hiers said. “Thomas while injured attempted to flee and ran behind the building where he collapsed.”

Thomas told police Brownlee stood over him, pointing a gun at his face demanding money. Police said the taxi driver gave Brownlee $40 and his identification.

Police said Brownlee ran back to Mitchell’s apartment where they met and watched as police searched for them, Hiers said.

Police said Thomas identified his assailants from a lineup.