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‘Tans for prom dress’ salon fund-raiser

High school selects recipients

A McDonough merchant is accepting donations to help local high school girls attend their prom.

“With the economy being so bad, we thought we would help a high school senior girl, who wouldn’t be able to go otherwise,” said Marlies Venable, owner of X-clusive Tan, of McDonough. “We have a lot of customers that come in for tans during prom season, so we thought we would help a girl who may not be able to go to the prom, if someone didn’t help them out.”

The tanning salon is hosting a “Tans for Prom Dress” fund-raiser. The salon is donating a dollar for every tanning package sold during the month of February. There are a variety of monthly memberships available for purchase.

In addition, customers and others are also donating prom dresses to the cause, which means more girls can benefit. “We started accepting donations on Feb. 1, at both of our locations in –– McDonough and Fayetteville,” said Venable.

Venable and her staff are coordinating with a Henry County high school to obtain names of eligible students.

“We told the school counselors the sizes of the dresses that we have collected,” said Venable, “just to make sure the girls can fit the prom dresses.”

The tanning salon has been open for three years. Venable said the business did not set a goal for its premier fund-raiser.

“My manager, [Brittany Earnhart] and I, wanted to do something to benefit the community.”

For more information, or to donate a prom dress, call (678) 432-7666.