Pets of the Week - Simon

Simon is a one and a half to two year old black and white domestic shorthair Manx (little or no tail). Simon has been neutered and fully vaccinated. Simon and his brother, Sage, (who has already found a wonderful home and family) were born of a stray cat, on the back porch of a lady living way down in Rockdale County. There were originally 3 kittens, but one died of a severe upper respiratory infection after just a few weeks of life. Simon also had the virus and it caused fluid and infection to build up behind his eyes, and finally one eye actually ruptured. His other eye is fine, and he has suffered no loss of ability to function normally. He is quiet, and so very well-behaved. He is a little shy, but when he's picked up, he immediately snuggles into your arms and purrs with total contentment. He has finally become comfortable enough to come out into the main cat population and socialize with the other cats. However, if things get too hectic or active, he searches for a quiet hiding place. For further information, please call Robin at 770-478-7531. To see other adoptable CCHS animals, please visit our Petfinder pages at www.petfinder.com and use our 30236 zip code for your search.