Pets of the Week - Taylor

Taylor is a 5 and a half year old Oriental Shorthair. She has been spayed and fully vaccinated. Taylor was found at Animal Control, where she had been taken after being picked up as a "stray" on a busy highway.

She was very thin and very dirty, indicating that she may have been "on her own" for awhile. Taylor was clearly very frightened and withdrawn, so she was taken to a foster home so that she could settle down and become more secure before going into the CCHS shelter.

Taylor has a very sweet, affectionate side, but she can also turn very quickly and becomes extremely defensive. This leads us to believe that Taylor may have suffered some abusive treatment and she only knows to strike out when she believes that she is being threatened. Even though she remains a little "spooked" around strangers, she has managed to fall in love with her foster mom and has bonded very quickly.

Taylor has plenty of potential to be a great pet, but it will need to be in a quiet, adult-only home; with people who understand that she may have some trust issues at first. We firmly believe that Taylor will settle down in the right setting. Taylor does suffer from "dry eye" but daily eye drops keep this condition under control.

Now that Taylor has been a full-time resident at the shelter for several years, she stays in a cage ALL OF THE TIME; and because of this, she has begun to gain weight, which concerns the CCHS staff. Visitors to the shelter never pay any attention to her; the only attention or socialization comes from CCHS staff and that simply is not enough for any animal. We are now seeing signs of depression and resignation to living in a cage forever. Our hearts just break for poor Taylor.

The shelter is no place for a cat like Taylor, so if you think you might be the right "fit" for such a special girl, please call Robin at 770/478-7531.

There is a special adoption fee in place for anyone approved for Taylor's adoption.