IRS urges taxpayers to utilize ‘Free File program’

The tax deadline is fast approaching, leaving taxpayers less than two months to file their taxes, said a spokeswoman for the Internal Revenue Service.

Beth Dozier said the IRS has partnered with the Free File Alliance, a coalition of top tax software companies, to push taxpayers to use the IRS Free File program. Through this partnership, taxpayers with an annual income of $57,000 or less can use a leading tax software to prepare, and electronically file, their returns for free, she explained.

“IRS Free File provides free tax service for 100 million Americans, including those who may have been hit hard by the current economic climate,” added Tim Hugo, executive director of the Free File Alliance.

He said anyone who meets the income guidelines can surf the web and use the tax software at no cost. The software provided by members of the alliance will direct users through the steps needed to prepare, and file, their taxes.

Spokeswoman Dozier said, to access the Free File program, people can visit www.irs.gov/freefile. The web site will have a list of companies provided by the Free File Alliance. Taxpayers can choose a tax software company, or use the “help me find a company” tool on the web site, she explained.

After selecting a company, she said, users will be directed to its web site where they will follow directions to prepare, and electronically file, their taxes.

This service is also available in the Spanish language, she added.

Dozier said member companies of the Free File Alliance have regularly worked with the IRS to reinforce the Free File program.

An IRS survey of last year’s program shows that 96 percent of users found it easy to use, and 98 percent of users would recommend the program to someone else, she said.

“The Free File Alliance is committed to making tax preparation and e-filing quick, easy and secure through our partnership with the IRS,” said Executive Director Hugo. “Users can do their taxes when, and where, it is most convenient for them, and receive refunds in as little as 10 days.”