Hartsfield-Jackson’s foot traffic up again in November

Passenger traffic at the world’s busiest airport increased for the month of November 2011, according to a spokeswoman for Atlanta’s airport.

Katena Carvajales said traffic was 3.05 percent higher for the month of November, than in November of 2010.

It rose from 7,249,112 passengers, to 7,470,411. International passengers, she said, increased by 3.10 percent, from 636,302, to 656,016.

Passenger traffic, from January to November of 2011 also experienced a boost, climbing by 3.74 percent, over the same period in 2010, she said. Traffic during this time rose from 82,110,987 passengers, to 85,178,647.

Traveler foot-traffic also rose in October 2011 –– by 2.37 percent –– over October’s numbers in the previous year. The number of international passengers also grew –– by 3 percent –– in October 2011.

“Our passenger traffic has been consistently up by about 3 percent throughout the year, as it was again in November,” added Louis Miller, aviation general manager at Hartsfield-Jackson. “This puts us on track for a record-breaking year.”

However, there was a decrease of 2.65 percent in November in aircraft operations, which include landings and takeoffs, Carvajales added. These operations also declined by 2.78 percent, year to date, going from 873,760 aircraft operations, to 849,483.

She emphasized that the decrease in aircraft operations is largely due to the reduced use of smaller regional aircraft by the airlines.

In contrast, however, said the spokeswoman, international operations rose by 8.45 percent in November, and by 11.34 percent over the whole year.

Total air cargo in November declined by 3.05 percent, but increased by .87 percent, year to date. For the year, it went from 600,857 metric tons, to 606,067, she said.