Cobb activist supports former Clayton sheriff

Photo by Kathy Jefcoats
Cobb County activist Gerald Rose says he supports former Clayton County sheriff Victor Hill and will show that support next week when charges against Hill will be presented to a grand jury for possible indictment. Local resident, Stan Byars, makes his choice clear in his campaign T-shirt.

Photo by Kathy Jefcoats Cobb County activist Gerald Rose says he supports former Clayton County sheriff Victor Hill and will show that support next week when charges against Hill will be presented to a grand jury for possible indictment. Local resident, Stan Byars, makes his choice clear in his campaign T-shirt.

A Cobb County activist held a press conference Tuesday morning at the Clayton County Courthouse, to show support for a former sheriff under investigation for alleged wrongdoing while in office.

Gerald Rose, leader of a group called New Order, along with three others, spoke in support of Victor Hill, who faces possible indictment next week. A special prosecutor is expected to bring evidence of racketeering, lying, and theft against Hill, to a Clayton County grand jury on Jan. 18.

Hill maintains his innocence, said his attorney, Steve Frey.

Hill was elected the county's first black sheriff in 2004. On his first day in office, he unceremoniously fired about 30 deputies. The deputies sued and won a multi-million dollar settlement against the county. They were also rehired.

Hill served one term before being voted out in 2008, but plans to run again this year.

Rose said the likely prosecution is politically-motivated.

"It's four years later, and he's announced his candidacy, and it seems he's being attacked again," said Rose. "We want Victor Hill to know he's not alone. We plan to also be here Jan. 18, to support Mr. Hill."

Stan Byars, wearing a "Re-Elect Victor Hill" T-shirt, also questioned the timing of the investigation.

"Let's not have a witch hunt," said Byars. "Let's have accountability and be fair. He's accused of costing the county millions of dollars, but if you look at it, he didn't cost the county any money."

Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson, who took office after Hill left, appointed Alcovy Judicial Circuit Prosecutor Layla Zon to present the evidence against Hill. Lawson said she wants to avoid accusations of political impropriety.

Neither Hill, nor Frey, attended the press conference, but Rose said Hill asked for the support.

"Victor Hill knows we're here, he has legal representation," said Rose. "We have to ask these questions. That's correct, Victor Hill asked us to speak for him."

Byars said Hill is being unfairly targeted.

"People have teamed up against Victor Hill," said Byars. "Whether political or not, we're proud supporters of Victor Hill. It's clear his opponents agree that criminals are afraid of Victor Hill in Clayton County. You can call Victor Hill 'Batman' or 'Little Vic,' whatever, but even little children looked up to him."


meub1333 3 years, 10 months ago

Excuse me Mr. Byars, evidently you don't live in Clayton County, or your memory isn't as good as mine. 1. He painted all of the Sheriff's cars black that paint must have been water paint, it began to fade before they left the shop. 2. He fired 30 (=/-) capable deputies and when they sued, who payed the excess that insurance didn't cover. 3. He made promises to the Boys and Girls Club organizers that he never kept. 4. He went to Las Vegas on the county charge card. 5. He emptied every account that was available to him, and threatened clerks to find him more. 6. What about the African Sheriff's costume he had made! 7. Get 50 Children together and ask them "who is Victor Hill". they won't know. 8. Batman!!!!!! 9. Who paid all of his bodyguards, drivers, and others who was on payroll to protect him. 10. How about changing all of the uniforms, who paid for that. Enough, I could go on, on and on.


Robert 3 years, 10 months ago

Only little children look up to Victor Hill.

Jewel Scott refused to seek prosecution and turned a blind eye to everything going on around her. Mrs. Lawson is having to catch up on four years of mishandled prosecutions.

"Walking Small" didn't cost the county any money ?, Really? How about to the tune of 16 million wasted tax payer dollars in court costs, pay outs, new uniforms and repainting county cars with his name posted on them along with the cost of having all that removed when the visionaries of Clayton County clearly saw the writing on the wall.

Move back to South Carolina Mr. Hill and take the Scotts with you.


kiddo33 3 years, 7 months ago

Im so thankful that we got a new DA cause Scott was just as crooked as Hill now if we could get Bell outta here we might be ok!


justice2all 3 years, 10 months ago

Gerald Rose, "A Cobb County activist" is supporting Victor Hill in the recent allegations of "wrong doing" while in office as Sheriff in Clayton County. Gerald Rose says the "likely prosecution is politically-motivated." He's absolutely right! Citizens of Clayton County and citizens all across this country are tired of POLITICIANS who believe they are above the Law. With an all time low disapproval rating towards the current National Administration and Congress due to lack of leadership in both parties, it should come as no surprise to anyone including Gerald Rose and Victor Hill that Americans are speaking out against corrupt politicians on any and every level. Clayton County citizens are not quick to forget that Victor Hill was "absent from office" and nowhere to be found during the last of his failed administration. He abandoned his office having no integrity and failed to uphold the oath by failing to be ethical in the performance of his duties. Politically Motivated? You're right, it is!


OscarKnight 3 years, 10 months ago

....Could Anyone, ........Please Take My "New Order" ?

....One Cheese Burger, Fries, and One Milk Shake, and hold the salt.


OscarKnight 3 years, 10 months ago

.....Please Gerald Rose a generous tip, when you leave.


claytonpropertyowner 3 years, 10 months ago

As a property owner in Clayton Cnty and also a Clayton Cnty employee, I have seen the damage this man has done to the office of Sheriff. The money he cost the county from his holier than thou firings turned around and cost the taxpayer and the county employees are still paying because county budget is still feeling the squeeze. The reason it is coming to the grand jury 4 years since the incidences began?? The crappy former DA, Jewel Scott and her group of infidels. Do you, Mr. Rose, know how many high profile cases were left on the books when Tracy Lawson won the election and how many warrants were left unserved when Shf. Kimbrough won his position. And people wonder why the crime rate is so high here in this county. Hell, if you are a criminal and want to be successful, you should have come here while these idiots were still around. Carte Blanche!! I lived in Clayton County for 25 years, when people were proud to say they lived there...today, I am ashamed for people to know I even work there. So, Mr. Rose, until you have lived here, been a victim of crime and screwed over by this man, stay in your own county and let justice finally be served.


Robert 3 years, 10 months ago

He didn't jump in and help victor by posting his bail for him. Yea, He supports victor but not if it involves using his own money. Just another showman posing for the six o'clock news.


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