The latest news just a ‘scan’ away

Your newspaper 24/7 on your smartphone


With the launch of its new mobile web site, the Clayton News Daily and its sister papers from Southern Community Newspapers Inc., will be using new tools to reach readers on the go –– through their smartphones.

With “Top Stories” and “Featured Stories” sections, the new mobile sites mirror the complete sites found online, but in a format more compatible with smartphone browsers.

Readers can also browse by category, search content and get local weather forecasts.

These sites are not an “app,” but will be automatically detected when readers browsing on smartphones arrive at the site. SCNI papers will also soon launch sites geared specifically to readers using tablets like iPads.

“In today’s world, we need to make our news available to readers when and where they want it, and we really do strive to give our readers access to news in any format they want,” said Robert Granfeldt, SCNI’s vice president of digital media.

Added publisher Bonnie Pratt: “This latest version of our newspapers is designed to be easily read on a smartphone, and it’s a great supplement to our print and online editions.”

In addition to offering a more reader-friendly edition on smartphones, the newspapers will also be taking advantage of new technologies to enhance the reader experience through tools such as QR –– or Quick Response –– codes, which allow smartphones to automatically display text, web pages and other content.

In the coming weeks, look for QR codes in print and online that will take you –– through your smartphone –– directly to our web sites, to specific stories and other content –– like photo galleries and polls –– as well as reader contests.

To utilize a QR code on your phone, first, you will need to download a QR code reader for your mobile device; for example, from the Android Market or App Store.

There are several free readers available.

When you see a QR code in print or online, open your scanner, and orient the QR Code into the middle of the scanner’s viewfinder to scan.

The scanner will display the text embedded in the code, or the URL, allowing you to call up the web page.

With the Clayton News Daily’s new mobile web site, our readers can now experience today’s news in the palm of their hand.