Morrow police chief position attracts 38 applications

The City of Morrow’s police chief position has drawn a lot of interest across Clayton County, and throughout the state, City Manager Jeff Eady confirmed.

The application period ended this past Sunday, and Eady said 38 people put their names in the hat to be the next leader of the city’s police department.

He added that officers from almost every city police department in Clayton County, and from the county’s police department, have applied for the position.

There also are several applicants who come from outside the county, Eady said, including officers from the Georgia State Patrol and law enforcement agencies in other cities and counties throughout the state.

“That’s good,” Eady said. “That shows we’re still a city of interest, and that people want to work here.”

Morrow officials will now review the applications, to see which candidates meet the basic qualifications that the city has established for the job, and to see which ones seem likely to fit in with the culture of the city’s government.

Eady said a list of approximately seven candidates will be forwarded to a three-person panel, which includes two former Morrow police chiefs, for further review.

The panel will whittle the list down to three candidates, whose names and resumes will be given to Mayor Joseph “J.B.” Burke and the Morrow City Council for final review, “probably in the first half of March,” Eady said.

He added that the mayor and council will conduct interviews and make the final decision.

“I’m confident we’ll find our person in there,” Eady said. “If it doesn’t work out with this group, then, we’ll start the whole process over again.”

Interim Morrow Police Chief Greg Tatroe has previously said he has applied to become the permanent chief, but Eady said he has received an application from a second person on the city’s police force, too.


OscarKnight 3 years, 8 months ago

.......Lets have a Ticket Competition, To see how many Traffic Violations can be handed out within a 24 hour period time limit.......The Revenue will help pay for the losses from The Olde Towne Morrow.


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