CSU president gives pupils ‘word’ about college life

Brown Elementary preparing students for future

An assembly of fifth-grade students at Brown Elementary School got an earful of advice regarding education and their future success, from Clayton State University President Thomas J. Hynes.

Dr. Hynes addressed scores of youngsters in the school’s cafeteria, Wednesday morning, about college life and the importance of an college education. This was part of the school’s initiative to prepare the students for college and future career endeavors.

Hynes introduced himself to the students and told them about his position at the university, according to Clayton school officials present during the event. The fifth-graders pressed the CSU president to describe what he does, particularly the difficulties of his job.

Hynes first answered questions from the students that had been prepared prior to the assembly. They were read aloud by Kathy Richards, a counselor at the school, and the coordinator of the assembly.

With those questions out of the way, the floor was opened for “live” questions, and the CSU president spent the next 25 minutes or so, answering questions from eager students, who wanted to know such things as: the differences between the types of degrees awarded in higher education; living arrangements at campus dormitories; and the acceptance rate of applicants when applying for college –– to name just a few of the queries.

Richards, the counselor who coordinated the event, said that, in her opinion, the most important topic for the fifth-graders was the responsibility placed on a student’s shoulders at the college level.

“College students are responsible [on their own] for attending classes and completing assignments,” she told the youngsters., “Not like elementary, middle and high school, where teachers hold students responsible.”

At the conclusion of the assembly, Clayton County School Superintendent Edmond Heatley presented Hynes with a trophy, and Dr. Alicia Dunn, coordinator of guidance and counseling, gave him a gift basket, on behalf of Brown Elementary School.