‘Plane-fit’ testing complete at international terminal

Though construction continues at the Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal, “plane-fit” testing was recently completed there, said a spokesman for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Al Snedeker said the tests were completed on Jan. 12, for the terminal’s 12 gates.

Plane-fit testing assures that boarding bridges used by travelers are operating properly and that the 11 aircraft types can fit at each gate, he explained. A Delta Boeing 747-400 was flown to the airport specifically for the test.

“We want to make certain all systems are checked, re-checked and ready to go before we start operations,” added Louis Miller, airport general manager at Hartsfield-Jackson. “Our goal is to make opening day as seamless as possible for our passengers.”

The testing, said Snedeker, was conducted in two phases by officials from entities including Delta Air Lines and Aircraft Service International Group.

According to Aircraft Service International Group’s web site, www.asig.com, it’s one of the aviation industry’s largest, independent providers of commercial services, and is based in Orlando, Fla.

Odd numbered gates were tested during the first phase in mid-December, Snedeker said, and gates with even numbers were tested on Jan. 11 and Jan. 12.

The systems and functions tested, he continued, included electrical power and water connections, boarding bridge doors, air conditioning capabilities, fueling access and baggage-belt loader and container loader positioning.

Snedeker told the Clayton News Daily that beyond the plane-fit testing, other major systems such as baggage handling, air conditioning, heating, plumbing and IT systems are being tested, and will be re-tested before the international terminal’s opening day this spring.

He said the contractor for the international terminal construction project — Holder, Manhattan, Moody, Hunt, A Joint Venture — will be primarily responsible for testing those major systems.