Warrants pending for suspects in Jonesboro murder

Jonesboro Police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations have identified two suspects believed to have been involved in the murder of a 30-year-old Riverdale mother earlier this week.

One suspect, who is believed to be the alleged killer of Rochelle Alisha Thomas, is already in the Clayton County Jail on unspecified, unrelated charges, according to Jonesboro Police Chief Franklin Allen. He added that a separate suspect is believed to have been an accessory to the crime, having allegedly attempted to “sanitize” the crime scene after the murder.

The murder took place at the Harmony Crossroads Apartments, on Tara Boulevard, in Jonesboro — where her body was found, according to the police chief.

Allen said he expects arrest warrants to be taken out by early Saturday morning, or by Saturday afternoon, at the latest.

“Early [Friday] morning, the GBI and Jonesboro police executed a search warrant at Harmony Crossroads Apartments, and officers were able to recover significant evidence that ultimately tied the suspects to the victim,” Allen said.

Police remained tight-lipped about many of the details of the case, Friday evening, because the arrest warrants were still pending, but Allen said the people who lived in the apartment where Thomas was murdered are not believed to have been involved in her death.

He said he could not specify the relationship between the suspects and the occupants of the apartment, out of concern that it might reveal the suspects’ identities.

Thomas’ body was found by a Harmony Crossroads resident, Wednesday evening, in a wooded area approximately 40, to 50 feet behind the complex. On Thursday, officials from the Jonesboro and Riverdale police departments said Thomas was last seen alive Wednesday morning, when she took her children to their school bus stop.

After the murder took place, said Allen on Friday, the suspect believed to have been an accessory to the crime allegedly returned to the crime scene some time on Wednesday, or Thursday, in an attempt to clean it up, and remove evidence of the crime.

She was unsuccessful in her attempt to completely “sanitize” the apartment, however, he added.

That suspect had to be taken to Southern Regional Medical Center, after she suffered a “medical issue” while being questioned by officers at Jonesboro Police Headquarters on Thursday, according to Allen. He said he did not have information on exactly what the “medical issue” was.